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Bean, Scarlet Runner (Phaseolus coccineus)

Bean, Scarlet Runner (Phaseolus coccineus)

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Originally from Central and South America, grown for at least 2,000 years. Until the mid-18th century they were grown mainly for their beautiful red flowers. Annie Stewart won a prize for her Scarlet Runner Beans at the 1898 fall fair.
To grow: Sow mid-May to early June when soil has warmed. Plant seeds 3-4” apart and 1” deep against a 15 ft. trellis. Prefers cool summer weather, moist soil. Root can be saved and stored over winter in sand. Replant in spring for an early, vigorous crop of beans. Allow beans to dry and turn brown on the plant, then pick and place into a paper bag for further drying. Shell and allow seeds to dry fully. (75 days)

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